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Construction Permitting,
Planning and Project Support 

Local & Nationwide Permit Consultants

About US

WC Permits is an expediting firm located in the DC metro area. We specialize in the construction permit process. We assist individuals and those who work in the architectural and construction industries to speed and coordinate the process.

Types of Permits We Help Process


WC Permits will assist yor company in obtaining the Commercial Permit you are looking for. Our permit consultants will follow your permits from submission through approval and lead you during the procces.


WC Permits will assist you in obtaining the Residential Permit you need. Wheter you're planning to do a new constrution, remodeling, or a new renovation project, our permit consultants will give you all the suppport you may need, saving you, time and money during the housing permit process .

We Also Provide Planning, Project Support, etc.


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